Turbine range extender

The currently most important innovation is the development and realisation of a range extender unit based on micro gas turbines (Turbo Range Extender, TRE) for use in the auto mobile sector.

Turbine Range Extender

In front of the background of dwindling resources like fossil fuels and a growing environmental awareness of the populace this technology is gaining traction. Electro mobility shows us the possibility to emancipate from the dependence of oil and oil-based fuels. The current problem with this technology is the restrictions given by battery technology and therefore a limited range. For this problem the range extender unit concept of Euro-K becomes important. The range extending technology is counted as interim solution until the final and broad introduction of electric cars. Right now the accumulators of electric cars have a too low energy density to cover the common driving profiles of more than 200km. To make the low-emission cars more attractive to the mass-market optimized micro gas turbines should be integrated to continuously charge the batteries through a generator extended the effective range to 1000-1500km. The deployed thermodynamic converters are not coupled directly with the main drivetrain (serial hybrid) and continuously run in their design point. Like this the machine runs on less fuel than in the usual application, features rpm stability and an optimal load. Main advantages important technological aspects of this technology are its high efficiency, low emission rates,low noise levels, fuel flexibility, integratability into the vehicle, economic manufacturing costs and scalability (family concept).