Combustion systems

Euro-K develops ignition systems for printed and unprinted applications like gas turbines. Our systems feature high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

ignition system

The use of different manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing for example allows us to keep the investment and following costs as low as possible. The currently used ignition system ZB_100 covers as an initial burner with a 100kW micro turbine. It can be supplied with nearly any combustible gas.The use of fluid fuels is currently in development. The ZB_100 system can be used in a variety of conditions. It is possible to use it to start or to restart parts of the machine. The concept of the ZB_100 even allows to cover quite a distance between the ignition spark the ignition flame. In this case that means that the spark ignition sits about 700mm away from the burner array that needs to be ignited. This allows for the advantage that delicate cables and components can be placed outside of the machine and can be maintained easily.