Shaft power testing rig

With the shaft power testing rig WLP-750 Euro-K is able to test a wide range of drives.

shaft power testing rig

The key component of the WLP-750 is the water brake Froude F249 which is a high speed version of the F24. Like this it is possible to reach constant speeds of up to 14000rpm or 16000rpm at maximum with a torque of up to 1272Nm. It is possible to test all drives from 50-750kW like this. The range of possible test scenarios ranges from torque diagrams,specific fuel consumption and acceleration and endurance tests. The test stand is configured to be quickly adapted to different drive concepts like combustion engines or shaft power engines. Aside from the direct performance logging more custom measurements like pressure, temperature, vibration or exhaust gas measurements can be conducted. The programmable control can realise direct start and stop procedure directly or through a separate control.

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