succeeding energy systems

Euro-K GmbH offers first class development services in the small energy converter sector.

Our range includes consulting energy technological questions with process analysis and project planning. For advanced research and development of individual components we have access to extensive simulation and computing power for flow analysis, strength investigation and process optimization. Parallel to this we conduct real-life tests and validate the results through our simulation processes.

The main subject of all projects is a micro gas turbine which is developed to become the energy converter of the future. It features the highest combustion efficiency with the lowest exhaust gas emissions, excellent cost effectiveness through partial zero emission and optimal integration into existing process applications.

Euro-K has the experience in design and optimization in the combustion technology sector. To comply with the environment requirements set by the government we have been steadily increasing the effectiveness of combustion systems as a sub-process of the micro gas turbine. To fulfill these requirements we focus on innovative burner layouts and manufacturing processes to increase the effectiveness of our products.

We use new manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing and our own recuperator concepts to further increase the systems efficiency.