Future will going to be 'decentralized'.

We are convinced that both in the field of classic, stationary energy conversion (gas or coal power plants etc.) as well as in mobile applications (in particular electromobility via Range Extension Systems) the ongoing trend is solidified into small, decentralized energy systems.

Both topics provide lasting areas of application and significant market volumes for systems and development services of Euro-K GmbH.

Here, the decentralized stationary energy conversion is characterized on the one hand by the classical field of usually internal combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels for power and heat; on the other hand are, currently of secondary importance, so far mostly only thermally recycled fuels, the so-called hidden fuels, as solids (wood, industrial offcuts, biomass etc.), lean and mixed gases (flare gas, ultra low calorific gas, landfill gas etc.), whose significance in catering independent electrical energy conversion will grow.

Through the wide range of different system solutions in the market for combined heat and power generating plants (gas or diesel engines, micro gas turbines, fuel cells, Stirling engines etc.), we expect that in future the competition in the marked continues unabated while electrical efficiency will increase.

In this regard existing niche markets in the field of waste recycling will play a significant role in the future energy mix. By combining a number of advantages, such as the self-sufficient energy conversion on the spot to the consumer, avoiding residue disposal costs while cheaper availability of fuel, avoiding energy procurement costs and minimizing necessary logistics expenditure, far-reaching economic and ecological added value in the field of small and micro energy converters can be achieved.

In order to continue to provide the best solutions to our customers, we constantly improve the basic technology and convert it permanently in current products that are meeting the changing requirements.

On the technology side, in particular component solutions such as internally cooled radial turbines based on SLM, compact recuperators and ceramic solutions for high temperature usage are promoted. These developments allow an increase of electrical efficiency in the single-digit range within the next few years (target value approx 38% el for power class < 100 kW el).

Euro-K system solutions are based on a modular design, thus improvements can be performed and comprehensive technical benefits can be achieved in turbo machines regardless of performance variables or intended purpose.

These improvements, especially the high-temperature components, form the basis to perform a change in technology towards the combination of turbine and high-temperature fuel cell (SOFC MGT). Euro-K will implement this system in cooperation with our scientific and technological partner BTU Cottbus Senftenberg within the coming decade.

Efficiency rates of more than 60% el, a wide range of possible fuels and a compact design enable a wide range of applications and significant economic and environmental benefits.

With the development of MGT-SOFC Euro-K aims to make an important contribution to progressive energy conversion in the 21st century and thus to meet current and future challenges with innovative energy systems 'Made in Germany'.